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Let's transform your bike into electric pedal assisted!

If you want to convert your ordinary bike into an e-bike, you'll need to purchase a conversion kit first. This will include all of the necessary components for the change. An electric motor, a throttle, wiring looms, motor cut-off levers, and an LCD with a remote controller are among these components.

  • Do you have a traditional bicycle that you don't want to give up?
  • Well, you're ready to turn it into a pedal assisted bicycle by adding the motor, battery and handlebar display.
  • You can travel up to 100 km - 62 miles with a 100% charged battery in total freedom and autonomy!

Earnings by resetting fuel supplies!
With an electric bike you eliminate the fuel cost! With a few hundredths of electric current, based on your muscle capacity, you can travel 65 miles! You can also charge the battery wherever you want, by removing it in a moment from the bike frame.


The Electric Motor

The electric heart of our bicycle. The first advice is to choose a "Brushless" motor, direct current, lighter and with better performance


The Battery

It is not for nothing that lithium batteries are the most used, they cost more but considerably increase their life span


The Sensors

How does the bicycle know if we are pedaling? Simple, thanks to the sensor, starts the engine, which will deliver variable power

How much does an electric bike conversion kit cost?

How much does an electric bike conversion kit cost?

Now that you know how to turn a standard bicycle into an e-bike with the help of a conversion kit, the question is how much you'll pay for one.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits

The cost of conversion kits varies based on the motor included and the intended use of the bike

E-bike Battery

The battery voltage of an e-bike is usually measured in 12V increments, ranging from 12V to 72V

Converting your Bicycle

If you want to convert your ordinary bike into an e-bike, you'll need to purchase a conversion kit first

Cheap Conversion Kit

Although e-bike conversion kits are not inexpensive, they may be less expensive than a good quality mountain or road bike

Save Money

The advantage of converting is that you can utilise a bike that you already possess, which is usually of higher quality than budget e-bikes

Best Converting Kits 2024

If you are looking for a cheaper and easier to install electric bike conversion kit, a rear hub motor kit would be worth considering

Want to Buy an eBike Conversion Kit?

Our Care packages include a great selection of electric bike services from ST3IKE, the leading e-bike shop in the UK. These packages include a range of services to maintain your bike in optimal condition all the time. Our low-cost, one- or three-year Care plans are designed specifically for e-bikes. The plans cover all aspects of servicing, including unlimited brake and gear adjustments, free fitting on parts and accessories, 10% off parts, a 6-week bronze service, and a yearly silver service.
Our e-bike-specific Care plans begin at a low price point and give coverage for one or three years. With unlimited puncture repairs, unlimited brake and gear adjustments, free fitting on components and accessories, 10% off parts, a 6-week bronze service, and an annual silver service, the plans cover every facet of servicing.

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Convert ANY bike into an eBike

Convert ANY bike into an eBike

We are committed to supplying high-quality electric bike kits backed by excellent customer service. We like assisting riders of all types in finding their ideal outfit while taking care of all the technical nuances

Front/Rear Drive Conversion Kit 250W

Looking for a high-quality kit to keep you on the road? Take a look at the Front/Rear Drive Conversion Kit! This best-selling kit includes a 36V 7Ah downtube battery that delivers 250W of power and speeds up to 15.5mph. This package contains everything you need to explore your city streets with ease, whether you're a casual bicycle or an expert rider.

  • UK Road legal 250W
  • Comes with 7Ah battery with 30 miles range
  • Perfect for people recovering from injuries or surgery
  • Ideal for road use and countryside paths
Front/Rear Drive Conversion Kit 250W

Rear Drive Conversion Kit 1000/1500W

Great for both on and off-road riding without interfering with your bike's gearing. These are the ideal all-around kits, with 1000W and 1500W options. As a road-legal kit, it's limited at 15.5mph by default.

  • 48v 1000/1500W front or rear motor brushless gearless design
  • Comes with 12.5Ah battery with 31 miles range
  • Lots of uphill power when off roading
  • The most powerful kit in the commerce
Front/Rear Drive Conversion Kit 1000W
Electric Bike Conversions

Electric Bike Conversions

Browse our range of electric bike conversion kits if you're looking for a bike conversion kit to turn your existing bike into an electric bike. If you're a regular bike rider, you've probably noticed a lot of electric bike conversions during the previous few years. To convert your bike to electric, the conversion kit can be fitted in just a few hours, and the conversion process is also pretty straightforward.

Convert Your Bike Into An Electric Bike

Normally, if you wanted to buy an electric bike, you'd have to get rid of your old one. This has the potential to be quite costly. If your present bike is in good working order and you are comfortable riding it, the cost of owning an electric bike may not be as exorbitant as you first anticipated.

Did you know that converting your existing bike to an electric bike can save you a lot of money over buying an eBike? A conversion kit can cost as little as a quarter of the price of an electric bike! Many people would also claim that putting the kit together oneself offers you a sense of accomplishment. Our friendly and talented team, on the other hand, will be pleased to build the bike for you if it makes you feel more at ease.

So, if you bring your bike to us (by appointment only), we can either fit it while you wait or complete the change in a matter of days.

On our online store, you can choose from a variety of eBike conversion kits. You may turn your existing bicycle into an electric bicycle with these conversion kits. Our online eBike store has a wide range of kits available, including front wheel drive and rear wheel drive options. You can also choose from a variety of various motor sizes, throttle options, and battery options.

We also sell electric bicycles!

If you want to buy an electric bike but don't want to convert an existing bicycle, you can buy an eBike from our online store.

For off-road biking, you can pick between a road-legal 250w variant or a more powerful 500w/1000w model.
So, with a road legal bike, you may enjoy commuting to work by bicycle with five levels of Pedal Assist to assist you in riding further and quicker.

You can also save money on gas, taxes, and insurance by riding an electric bike.
You may, however, benefit from greater activity while simultaneously helping to conserve the environment!

E-bike Health Benefit

E-bike Health Benefit

Cycling is one of the healthiest sports you can do because it can enhance your fitness, strengthen your immune system, and increase your sense of well-being, among other things.

Are the health benefits of electric bikes, however, the same?
E-bikes occasionally get a bad rap, with some claiming that riding one doesn't provide enough exercise to gain the same advantages.
But it isn't the case!

In most circumstances, research has found that riding an e-bike provides moderate physical activity, with less intensity than traditional cycling but more than walking. Importantly, those who were previously inactive can increase their cardiorespiratory fitness by riding an e-bike.

Improved overall health is a typical benefit that we hear about from experts time and time again. However, cardiovascular health is one of the major advantages.

The efficiency with which your body can receive and use oxygen while moving and releasing carbon dioxide is referred to as cardiovascular health. When you ride an e-bike and obtain moderate exercise on a daily basis, your body gradually adapts to the action by producing more efficient capillaries that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide at the lungs and muscles, as well as more red blood cells to transport the gases more efficiently.

E-Bike Improved Heart Health

Regularly riding an e-bike can improve your heart health in addition to improving your cardiovascular health.

When you exercise, your heart works a little harder, so it beats quicker and stronger to keep your blood moving around your body.
Because your heart is a muscle, the more you exercise it, the more it responds to this stimulation.

As a result, the heart becomes stronger, allowing it to pump more blood across the body with less effort.
In the long run, you'll probably notice a lower resting heart rate (which is usually a good sign of healthy heart and cardiovascular health), and your heart won't have to work as hard when you're out riding your e-bike at the same intensity!

Weight loss Through Increased Metabolism

While riding an e-bike does not have to be tough, increasing your physical activity means burning more calories. Even if you just ride your e-bike around the neighbourhood or go for a steady weekend ride with friends, you'll be using more energy than you would if you drove, took the bus, train, or walked.

This means you'll be in a better position to maintain your weight or drop a few pounds (if that's your aim), but the greatest part is that your metabolism will remain elevated as you recover once you've stopped riding.
In other words, you continue to burn energy (calories) long after you've finished!

This impact, however, does not endure indefinitely — once you've recovered from a single session of exercise, your metabolism will revert to normal, so it's critical to maintain regular activity to keep your metabolism working for you.
As your body becomes more accustomed to frequent e-bike riding, it will burn more energy at rest since there will be more muscle fibres to maintain oxygenated and ready for action.

Reduces Stress and Improves Well-being

Although the physical benefits are the most evident, our mental health is just as essential.
Although each of us defines psychological wellbeing differently, riding an e-bike can assist everyone in achieving a healthy state of mind.

It's common knowledge that being out in the sun and breathing fresh air on a daily basis is beneficial to our general health, but e-bikes may provide a sense of freedom and escape to new locations you may not have visited before.
Physical activity is linked to a 38% lower incidence of depression, according to the NHS.

e-Biking Improves Sleep Quality

Sleep is necessary for the recovery of our thoughts and bodies.
Even on days when we haven't accomplished much, we all need to "shut down" and get a good night's sleep in order to be at our best the next day.

We can boost our energy levels by riding an e-bike and conducting continuous workout.
Plus, while it may seem counterintuitive, we encourage our thoughts and bodies to achieve better quality sleep when it's time to rest by doing so.

This can lead to a more consistent sleeping pattern as well as deeper, more restful sleep, which leads to increased alertness and readiness for the next day.

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