Arthritis Pain in relation to weather

Is there a correlation between weather changes barometric pressure and arthritis? Dampness may aggravate arthritis pain. That is why many arthritis patients complain of worsening of arthritis pain during wet weather. It appears that weather and arthritic pain seems to have some connection. There has been some evidence to suggest that a combination of high humidity and low barometric pressure worsened joint aching and stiffness. The joints become inflamed and under pressure because of increased joint fluid. Weather will not affect the long term outcome of arthritis. Weather also does not contribute to arthritis or joint damage. In 1961, a famous arthritis specialist, J. Hollander M.D., made a study in which he built a climate chamber and demonstrated that high humidity combined with low barometric pressure were associated with increased joint pain and stiffness. The theory of the study is that inflamed joints swell as the barometric pressure drops. This swelling irritates the nerves around the joints that sense pain and causes more stiffness. Some experts scoff at this idea and believe that it is the working of the mind than the body. Traditional Indian medicine advices against bathing in very cold water. 

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