Chocolate Spa

Chocolate beauty products are hot and chocolate spa treatment is becoming popular. Increasing number of chocolate-themed and cocoa-based spa treatments are available all over the world now. 

Chocolate spa treatment should not be confused with the chocolate that we eat. Chocolate, seeds originate from the bean of the tropical cacao tree.Cocoa butter is removed from the beans after fermentation. The  powder residue is cocoa powder.Chocolate is made by processing further with milk solids and sugar. For spa  cocoa butter and cocoa powder are used. Even though it smells and look like chocolate it is not edible. Chocolate has restorative properties  and improves the texture and tone of the skin.  The chocolate massage is good for both skin and muscles.   There are different types of treatments like Chocolate facials,  Chocolate body treatments and chocolate wraps, Chocolate pedicures, Chocolate pedicures, chocolate fondue wrap. During the chocolate fondue wrap you will feel like you are being dipped into chocolate. Mud mixed with cocoa oil is applied onto your skin. Later you will be covered in plastic.Our skin has pores through which many of the ingredients applied on it can be absorbed by the body. It is believed that vitamin and nutrients from the mask will be absorbed into the body.

Then there is the whipped cocoa bath . Here you can soak in a tub of hot foaming chocolate.The ingredients mainly are milk powder and cocoa powder. There is also the chocolate sugar scrub.Exfoilation treatment is by using cocoa bean husks and cocoa cream. Massaging your body is with the essence of cocoa or cocoa scented oil .Kneading  revitalize the skin and relaxes the muscles. It relieves stress. Smell of chocolate can be intoxicating. It is always advisable to drink lots of water during the treatments.Water helps in flushing out the toxins when you are  kneaded. Chocolate aroma can have psychoactive agents. Chocolate manicure is with chocolate milkshake which is followed by chocolate whip cream massage. Chocolate scented candles are also lighted to get that chocolate scent.Hotel Hershey spa  in USA is one of the reputed spa’s which offers the chocolate spa treatment.

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