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Fish spa for skin disorders



Fish Spas has become popular recently with many springing up in different parts of the world especially inChina Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. A fish known as Garra Rufa will nibble away the dead skins and will leave your skin smooth and fresh. The Garra Rufa fish does not have any teeth and so it will not bite you. This fish is usually found in the Middle East. Fish spa is even recommended for skin disorders like Psoriasis even though some say it is only effective with repeated treatment. It is believed that the fish secretes an enzyme with regenerates the skin but there is not enough evidence to prove that.

Chocolate spa

It is said that a shepherd boy around 1917 discovered the benefits of fish spa in Turkey in the place known as Kangal hot spring. When he submerged in water the Garra Rufa fish started nibbling and exfoliating the skin which helped in alleviating skin problems. The temperature at the hot springs was about 36 degrees and the people who bathed there were exposed to uv radiation as well because the altitude there was of 1650m.These fish can live in at least 43 degree water.

The fish nibbling will feel like tingling of the skin and it is not painful. Some spas which claim to have this fish are instead using the Garra Rufa fish look-alikes in the Garra family. These fish bites which can blemish the skin.


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