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How To Shop For The Perfect Ergonomic Desk Chair

If you are like me who spends a major part of life working on desk, then I suggest doing a little shopping for an ergonomic desk chair. You might argue that you already have a desk chair, so what’s all this “ergonomics”?

Think about your poor back and neck. When you sit for hours together on our desk chair, you give a tough time to your back. This results in backaches and stiff back.

Ergonomic furniture in general and ergonomic desk chair in particular is tailor-made for comfort and ease. You will forget what pain is, once you start using ergonomic desk chairs. Ergonomic products are the best friends for your back and neck because they are designed keeping in mind your body and its contours. Ergonomic chairs keep your spinal chord straight and reduce your fatigue drastically. This, ultimately, enhances the productivity.

Choosing The Best Ergonomic Desk Chair While you shop for the “perfect” ergonomic desk chair, here are certain things to keep in mind:

Back support: The height of the ergonomic chair is adjusted in such a manner that it provides support to your lower back. Look for desk chair that offers support to your mid and upper part of your back too. Almost all the desk chairs are equipped with a tilt mechanism to cater to this need.

Seat: The best desk chair is the one that evenly distributes your weight on the seat. I have bought a chair with an edge that is round on the front of the seat. Believe me, this is a boon for the knees! The round or waterfall edge avoids the seat to grip your knees from behind, thus, ensuring a smooth circulation. Here is a trick to know the best seat: sit on the chair and try to fit three or four of your fingers between front edge of the seat and the back of your knees. If it fits well, voila, this ergonomic desk chair is for you!

Besides this, the seat of the ergonomic desk chair should be able to stretch a minimum of one inch from either side of your hips for adequate support to your thighs.

Armrests: Imagine a chair without armrests! The armrests should be wide, padded with soft material, contoured, and full of comfort. If you get an ergonomic desk chair with adjustable armrests, it’s great! Such chairs release the strain from your neck and shoulders, and protect you from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fabric: Look for ergonomic desk chairs that are easy to maintain their shine. Cloth covered desk chairs might look tempting, as they cost fewer dollars, however, vinyl or leather upholstery will save you from the tedious task of frequent dusting. A robust, permeable, and ventilated material for your desk chair is the best to choose. I would recommend you to look for mesh Pellicle material. It is good or your body.

Chair Stability: A swivel chair with five-point base wheels is the perfect choice. It prevents your spine from twisting and stretching excessively. Moreover, there is no risk of tipping over as you recline.

Beware of faulty ergonomics!

When you shop for ergonomic desk chair, do not be lured just by the word “ergonomic.” Not all ergonomic chairs mean comfort. Unfortunately, there are no standard rules for manufacturing ergonomic furniture yet. Hence, there might be cases where the desk chair may not be as comfortable as it was promised to be. The best way is to look around in a variety of stores and then make the choice. I would suggest sitting on the ergonomic desk chair displayed in the store to determine its comfort level. Alternatively, you can shop from reputed stores, if you are shopping online.

Ergonomic In Computer Products

In the present times, you can see a number of computer products that boast of ergonomic. You will come across ergonomic mouse, ergonomic keyboard, along with an ergonomic desk chair, of course! What is so special about an ergonomic keyboard? Well, observe an ordinary keyboard of a computer. It strains your wrists after working on the keyboard for long hours. On the other hand, an ergonomic keyboard has a mild V-shape that makes your wrist rest in a natural position, thus, preventing those awful sprains and pains.

Therefore guys, go ergonomic!

Kevin Whales is industry expert, author of articles for newbies. The website is Ergonomic desks and chairs -



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