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Shallots uses in alternative medicines

For Insect stings rub the area with shallot juice.

Warts usually drop off when shallots are used as a poultice.

Mix together equal amounts of shallot juice and honey. Take a teaspoon of it in three times daily. This is used as an expectorant for relief against cold, cough, bronchitis, influenza, soothing the throat. Phlegm will liquefy and will be cleared.

To strengthen capillaries take 5 shallots daily in an empty stomach for 14 days.

Four pieces of sliced onion shoots (scallions) should be fried in ghee and eaten frequently for 14 days. It can help the liver eliminate toxins.

Chewing shallots for 3 minutes daily in the morning will destroy the bacteria in the teeth.

To improve eyesight juice of shallots flowers are used as eye drops.

To relive headache shallot is made into a poultice and applied on head.

Hair growth: Rubbing shallot juice daily on scalp gets rid for dandruff and stimulates hair growth

Shallots are crushed or cut and rubbed on insect bites like mosquitoes, bee or wasp stings.

It is also used as a dressing for bruises.

Burns are dressed with onion and salt.


  • May aggravate heartburn.
  • May cause colic in breast fed babies if nursing mothers take lots of shallots..
  • May cause allergy to one who has asthma
  • May cause migraine, flatulence.
  • If eaten raw may cause bad breath.
  • If eaten too much may cause skin rash and red itchy eyes.
  • May burn if rubbed on skin.

Shallots as alternative medicine

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