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Look younger through diet

The Perricone Promise: Look Younger, Live Longer in Three Easy Steps

Dr.Nicholas Perricone, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine was featuredin the Oprah winfrey show. Dr. Perricone has spent nearly 2 decades researching the causes and cures of aging skin and in this book The Perricone Promise: Look Younger, Live Longer in Three Easy Steps he claims to look ten years younger with his program of diet,skin care regimen and supplements. This reverses the aging process since brain and the skin start out as the same embryonic tissue and will improve memory also.

The biggest breakthrough in anti-aging medicine is neuropeptides. By regulating and controlling these chemicals in the body. Dr. Perricone reveals a structured program designed to remove wrinkles, speed up metabolism and weight loss, and enhancemood, brain function, and overall health. This three pronged attack on aging includes Dr. Perricones exclusive list of 10 super foods to rejuvenate the body, such as lots of fish especially salmon, fruits like cantaloupe and dark green leafy vegetables, liberal use of herbs and spices generally eaten raw or cooked over low heat, revolutionary nutritional supplements, and state-of-the-art topical applications. The foods to avoid are foods browned or cooked at high temperatures and bad carbohydrates- (high in the glycemic index) such as pasta, sugar, and pancakes .Those that went through the regimen has had stunning results.



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