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Selected Vegetables/Sun's Soup

“Selected Vegetables” and “Sun’s Soup” are names given to several different mixtures of vegetables and herbs that have been studied as treatments for cancer. These mixtures were developed by a single individual.

At present, 2 formulations of Selected Vegetables/Sun’s Soup are marketed in the United States as dietary supplements.

The vegetables and herbs in Selected Vegetables/Sun’s Soup are thought to have anticancer and/or immune-system–stimulating properties.

It has been reported that treatment with Selected Vegetables/Sun’s Soup lengthened the survival of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer or other types of malignant tumors. However, different formulations of Selected Vegetables/Sun’s Soup were used in the studies reported to date, making the comparison of results across studies difficult, and design weaknesses in the studies raise doubts about the reliability of the findings.

Additional clinical studies of Selected Vegetables/Sun’s Soup are being conducted or contemplated.


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